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    Sorry, but they are too close for me.

    And to give you a personal experience of similar names. I have the same name with my five years younger cousin.It was just so frustrated. In the end I change my nn to avoid this.

    Another example. I have two cousins with the exact name in the same age. To avoid confusion we call them by their last.

    Although in your situation the names are slightly different the pr. can be the same by most of the people. When I look at your title I pr. Both of them Cass - ee - uh.

    But if the name is the " one " use it :-) the girls will be have big age gap.

    Good luck.

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    I simply don't worry about being too close to cousin names and I certainly wouldn't ask my family. Perhaps if they were a year or two apart it might be different. For centuries most children were named a handful of names.
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    No. My six-year older cousins has almost exact the same name as me. The only difference is our last letter is different - meaning it is a different name, so no, I don't think Cassia is too close with Kasia, if it's pronounced different. I have had no troubles with the fact that I almost share a name with my cousin - the beginning is pronounced the same way, but the ending is different?

    And my younger sister almost shares the same name with the same cousin - my parents have just added three letters to the name - first those three letters and then the exact same name - but there has never been trouble.
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    Way too close. It will cause a lot of confusion and annoyance. They basically have the same name. Both can be pronounced cash-a or cass-ee-ah. And since we hear/say names more than we see them the difference in spelling really doesn't matter.

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    Way too close...

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