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    I'd wait to see if the child wants her ears pierced. It's rather unnecessary, unless she chooses to do it as a means of expressing herself. She may prefer to avoid the pain and permanent damage altogether.

    I understand it's a cultural thing for some people, but I'm pretty conservative when it comes to things like this. I think self expression is really important, but not to a baby. I would not encourage my young daughter to pierce her ears or wear make-up until I felt she was old enough to understand everything that goes into it, and until I was certain she had a healthy body image.

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    I personally would wait until my daughter could vocalize wanting it done. I wouldn't do it to a baby because I would just be paranoid that she might pull them out when playing with her face/ears, and an earring could end up in her mouth.

    I remember being really scared to get mine pierced at age 5, but I got over it about a year later because my friend who had it done said she couldn't feel it. So I was about 7 when I asked my mom to get mine pierced.

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    I had my ears pierced when I was five, because my grandmother talked me in to doing it, when my aunt (who was ten) needed hers redone. Plus I wanted to show that I was a big girl, who didn't cry over a little pain! For me it was never any pressure from school or friends. I don't know if it's different now in schools and such. But if you wait, just make sure your parents don't talk her into it, like my grandma did.
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    If I had a daughter I'd wait until she was old enough to ask for pierced ears herself. I was six when I asked my mum and she let me get them done on my seventh birthday.

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    wait until your child knows what a piercing even is!

    what if one day her beliefs are that piercing is unnecessary and she would never willing get them? but is stuck with them because of her mother?

    this piercing isnt for your daughter, at this age YOU ARE DOING IT FOR YOURSELF - never a good thing when it comes to kids

    i was made to wait till i was 13 - what happened to getting your ears pierced being a rite of passage?
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