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    I prefer just Aubrey. I could maybe get on board with Aubrielle, but Aubriella doesn't really do it for me. Too frilly for my taste.
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    Aubriella is sooo frilly. Even more than Daniella and Gabriella. If you like it, then nice. I prefer Aubrey.

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    Aubriella isnt bad, but its a lil much

    sometimes less is more

    prefer Aubrey Ella - its not like Eliza Beth because Aubriella isnt a 'real' name like Elizabeth is, its a creation by tacking Ella on the end of Aubrey

    would like Aubrianna over ella if you have to frill Aubrey out
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    Quote Originally Posted by emmillose View Post
    Hello fellow nameberries!

    I just recently came across the name Aubriella in past forum posts while searching through the archives. I think it's a very unique and pretty name. It's also a great alternative to the classic Gabriella ( I love the name just not the nn Gabi/Gabby)

    So what are your thoughts on Aubriella? Does it seem made up to you? Is Aubrey Ella better or is that sort of seem like naming a child Eliza Beth? People who made comments on the post where I found the name were 50/50, some loved it while others didn't care for it at all.

    Thanks !

    I named my daughter that in 2007. I had not logged in any website or anything but my wife at the time had. She looked over names and like the name Aubrie. My youngest daughter at the time was about 4 and suggested Cinderella. As man i tried to please both girls in my life so i suggested a compromise and combined both names. They loved it as did i.

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    Naming a child Aubrey Ella is not at all like naming a child Eliza Beth, IMO. Aubriella does seem made up to me and very of-the-moment since Aubrey, Ella, and made-up names are all very popular these days. Personally I dislike Aubrey on girls (it's very much an old man name to me, so its recent popularity as a girl name has been baffling to me). I'd vote for Aubrey Ella over Aubriella, which feels very cutesy to me.

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