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    Thoughts on Aubriella

    Hello fellow nameberries!

    I just recently came across the name Aubriella in past forum posts while searching through the archives. I think it's a very unique and pretty name. It's also a great alternative to the classic Gabriella ( I love the name just not the nn Gabi/Gabby)

    So what are your thoughts on Aubriella? Does it seem made up to you? Is Aubrey Ella better or is that sort of seem like naming a child Eliza Beth? People who made comments on the post where I found the name were 50/50, some loved it while others didn't care for it at all.

    Thanks !

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    I really like it. I think it's pretty and different without being too made up sounding
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    I prefer Gabriella simply because I dislike both Aubrey and Audrey, so usually dislike all the variations

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    It does sound made up like a combo of Aubrey and Ella.
    That being said... I absolutely love this name. I think it's beautiful and cute. I think it is miles ahead of Aubrey Ella as a seperate name as the combo frees space for a middle name.

    You were very right in your expectation of 50/50 on here. Some berries are name purists and dislike smoosh names.

    Aubrey Ella and Eliza Beth are two different instances as Eliza and Beth are both diminuatives of Elizabeth. Whereas Aubrey and Ella are names in their own right combined to make Aubriella.

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    I really like Aubriella. It's very feminine & frilly. I am not a big fan of Aubrey, so Aubrey Ella doesn't work for me.

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