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    More names! Opinions!

    We've been brainstorming for a while and we've added a few more names. Our original list was:

    Samantha (Annie)
    Scarlett and (Scout, Lettie, Scar)
    In that order.
    So, the new additions consist of,

    Emma- Love the simplicity and meaning but worry about the popularity and her having to go by Emma _____ all the time.
    Ellie- We like this nickname but can't find a full name we really like to go with it. Ellie by herself is a bit too informal.
    Charlotte- Popularity isn't as overwhelming with this one. We don't like any nicknames for Charlotte, do you think she'll automatically gt shortened?
    Grace- Love Grace, especially as a first name.
    Catherine- This is such a classic, I know we can't go wrong with it. (Kate)
    Sara- I've always liked this spelling, but is it boring?

    Opinions welcome and appreciated!

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    I do think Sara is boring. I'm not a huge fan of Grace either.
    I prefer your original 3 names to the new additions for sure, I do think Emma & Charlotte are far too popular.
    Ellie is cute, it would be great if you find a full name for it.
    And Catherine is okay (as long as it doesn't get shortened to Cathy -blargh!).
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    I like your list. I don't think Scar is a nice nickname for Scarlett though. Of these three, Ruby is my favorite.

    I also love Grace. I would love to meet a little Grace and I think Gracie is pretty much up there with the cutest nicknames ever. I like Sara and Charlotte (nn Charlie.) Emma is wonderful but there are so many right now.

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    Love Samantha & Charlotte. Grace and Catherine are beautiful classics.

    I've never been a huge fan of Scarlett but agree with a previous poster that Scar is a bit harsh for a nn. Sara is a little dull for me, but I've known probably 30 Sarahs (my age). As for Emma and Ellie, I love them but wouldn't name my daughter either just because I know so many kids with those names.

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    Emma- Very popular
    Ellie- I love Ellie agree it sounds like a nickname, ive considered Elle for the formal name as well as Eliana
    Charlotte- Yes itll get shortended, i call my Charlotte friend "Char"
    Grace- Nice
    Catherine- Okay
    Sara- Sorry boring, I much prefer Sadie
    Ruby- Nice
    Samantha- sorry to me Samantha is kinda boring...
    Scarlett- Very nice- but im biased as its a fav of mine but for a middle name spot...

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