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Thread: Need help!

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    My daughter recently ran into an acquaintance from high school. She named her new baby Damien and all I could think of was the Omen and how could she do that to a baby. And I'm a Berry! Maybe its generational, since I was an adult when the movie came out but just no.

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    Quote Originally Posted by natalie_ru View Post
    Thanks for your replies.

    Do you think the boy can live good with name Damian "evil"?
    Of course you son can be "good"! However, if he's mischievous people may (mistakenly) attribute his personality to his name. You like the name & it seems to work for your family, so no need to discard it because of other people.

    FYI - I had no idea who Adrian Monk was; I had to Google it. As such, I wouldn't worry too much about that association. Good luck!

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    I like Adrian a lot! I think of other things before Monk, which doesn't really come to mind.

    There's also St Damian who's celebrated with his twin St Cosmas.

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    I love the name Damian; suave, cool, and handsome. Really the 'evil' associations aren't that much of a problem; Damon, I think, would have more trouble in that respect. As for Adrian all I can think of is Monk (and ergo, OCD and nerdiness extreme). Same with Ambrose : )
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