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    Red face Need opinions on middle names!!

    Hi everyone! So hubby and I are expecting our first child in January, a baby girl. I know we've got awhile but I'd really like to get your opinions on our name decisions so far. We have both pretty much decided our number 1 name is Annabelle. We have a one syllable last name that begins with F, so I'm trying to avoid R middle names and L middle names due to initials. So far, these are the names we like.

    Annabelle Everleigh
    Annabelle Macie
    Annabelle Kinsley
    Annabelle Alyse(ah-leese)
    Annabelle Maelie(may-lee)

    I am VERY open to more suggestions as I am not in love with any of these. An M name would be nice.. As mommys initials are AMF, and it'd be cute if her initials were the same. Like I said, I am open to any suggestions! Thank you so much!
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    I love Annabelle! Gorgeous.
    I'm not loving any of the middle names; but here are some M names that I like:
    Annabelle Magnolia
    Annabelle Madeleine
    Annabelle Matilda
    Annabelle Margot
    Annabelle Meg
    Annabelle Maisie
    Annabelle Marguerite
    Best of luck!

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    Annabelle has been one of my favorite names since I've been a teenager, alas my husband hates it!

    Annabelle Mae F
    Annabelle Maeve F
    Annabelle Marie F
    Annabelle Melody F (doesn't flow too well I guess)
    Annabelle Merida F
    Annabelle Waverly F
    Annabelle Kiera F
    Annabelle Kailey F
    Annabelle June F
    Annabelle Daisy F

    I think Annabelle Maisie is really cute!

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    Annabelle Macie! That's cute!
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