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    name game - part 2 (the scenarios).

    It has been 6 weeks since you and (partner) decided that you wanted the children you both longed for. (Partners) mum and dad.. ( Add their names) help with decorating the nursery with you. because you WILL be bringing a baby to there one day!!

    Scenario #1a- You and (partner) Visit the dr. His name is.. (you choose), He tells you about insemination. You have decided that this is what you want to do as you are both ready to become parents.. Your own parents are also delighted at your decision. You agree to start treatment straight away the dr explains that it may take a few attempts before success.. which you and (partner) are okay with (.. who will be having the baby out of you both) It takes a good 6 months before you are successful.. but when you are you are both filled with elation..! You are both keen to start preparing for the baby or babies.. you have yet to find out. Dice

    1- twin boys - names will come from... HERE Middle names with both starts with R
    2- single girl- Fn come from HERE you choose middle
    3-boy/girl twins- Your favourite names and a biblical middle.
    4- single boy - HERE Middle begins with a G
    5- Triplets.. Coin toss.. genders.. Heads- Girl- Tails - Boy - Boys-Names middles Girls-Names
    5- Quads or Quints.. Coin toss.. Heads Quints tails Quads.. Also same as triplets for gender.. heads Girl, Tails- Boy
    Girls-Names Boys-Names You choose the middles

    1b- ( Surrogacy) your surrogate's insemination is a success and only after 10 weeks! You and (partner) and ecstatic about it.. you chose a donor who has similarities to both you and (partner), you have been told that you could have more than a singleton from this pregnancy which you are both thrilled about. You find out after 5 months that your surrogate is expecting not 1 but 3 babies.. You and partner are beyond belief

    You choose the names but they are after your parents or similar to their names.. this can be in first or middle or BOTH!

    Scenario #2-You and (partner) agree that you will try for a baby. it takes a while but 1 year later you get your bfp! (Big fat positive).. You don't find out what you are aving you are team yellow all the way through.. and at the end..

    the gender is at the flip of a coin.. Heads- Boy / Tails- Girl

    you choose to name the baby... ( your fave name)

    Scenario#3- You and (partner) agree to adopt, you have chosen to look at children from your local adoption agency.. and you see these beautiful children, yet you are both drawn to 2 little girls.. (Twins) they have beautiful eyes and you both fall in love with them immediately they are only 5 months old. You choose them!

    Their names are from HERE or HERE Middle names from HERE

    2 years pass and you have gained another dog.. the pupp and your older dog get along like a house on fire.. and they are sooo cute. like a parent and their baby.

    To be continued soon...
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