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    New Clearblue Pregnancy Test?

    I just saw a commercial on TV for a new clearblue pregnancy test that determines how many weeks pregnant you are. Has anyone heard of this? Or tried it? I'm gonna do more research about it but it sounds pretty cool to me!
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    I have not seen or heard of that! But it does sound neat. Toward the end of our ttc journey I stopped buying expensive brands because I was sick is spending $15 a month to get negative results. The kit that told me I was pregnant this time was from the dollar store! Lol. But had this kit come out at the beginning of this year, I would have been all over it! I wonder how accurate the week estimation is....
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    I have heard of it. What I read is that it just gives a ballpark estimate, 1-2 weeks, 2-3 weeks, or 3+ weeks. That's it. Personally, I don't see how that would be very useful. Either you're aware of your cycle and could make just as accurate an estimate, or you aren't in which case your OB will want to do a sonogram to date the pregnancy. I guess you could figure out your estimated due date a tiny bit sooner...but why is that important? *shrug* It just seems like a gimmick to me.
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    Poster above is right. They just suggest how many weeks since your last period - if you are ttc then you are likely to know that. When I wad ttc I bought in bulk from e bay- the simple little strips that go inside the plastic casing. Just as good and probably better as they are sensitive for early detection

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    I used one of those Clearblue tests for this pregnancy & they still bumped my due date back once I had my first ultrasound. I don't think they are super accurate but it is kind of fun when you're excited & newly pregnant & you want to know EVERYTHING.
    Definitely buy cheaper tests to use first & then you can use one of those digital ones afterward if you want, once you know you're pregnant.
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