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    I'm going to have to run some of these by the hubs tonight! I really like Nova Juliet and Nova Medley. I'll have to definitely keep Nova Charlotte, Nova Violet and Nova Lily in the running as well. I keep feeling like I'm overlooking a name out there....any other suggestions? This is helping so much!

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    Personally, I would pair Nova with a classic (like Charlotte or Violet), but I do think Nova Rhapsody has a lovely sound to it!

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    Hubs has chosen Nova Violet and Nova Medley as his current favorites. Thanks, everyone, for helping us narrow it down and figure it out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lala17 View Post
    For your musical tastes:
    Nova Piper
    Nova Harmony
    Nova Cadence
    Nova Aria
    Lovely suggestions I think I like Nova Cadence from this list.

    Or for a more classical name

    Nova Caroline
    Nova Giselle
    Psalm 23

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    Cadence is her first daughter's middle name, and she already said they didn't like Harmony or Aria.
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    Due in January!

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