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    My favourite is Nova out of the three potential choices!

    My thoughts on the combinations:
    Nova Violet - Nova is a lovely name, she has this delicate sound and I adore the links to astrology. Her 'v' sound is really soft which actually works with Violet's rather pronounced 'v' sound. I normally dislike the run of double letters but in this combination it's effortless. Nova Violet is a gorgeous combination.

    Nova Charlotte - I disagree with you, I think Nova Charlotte is a great combination. Charlotte is a lovely wholesome name. She has a great sound and feels really rural. Charlotte adds simplicity to Nova creating a really soft choice. Nova Charlotte has a brilliant style and a simple choice.

    Nova Noelle - Ugh hate the run of the double 'n' letter it just doesn't work. Noelle is a gorgeous name but she almost feels cheesy. Noelle is a Christmas inspired name and Nova is associated with an exploding star this conjures up the Christmas story. The wise men follow the star to Jesus the whole combination feels cheesy like a dodgy Christmas name.

    Nova Rhapsody - This feels really OTT. Rhapsody with Nova is just crazy, I'd prefer Rhapsody teamed with something more classic like Vivian or Charlotte.

    Nova Serenade - Again this feels OTT, I understand that you like the music connotations but I think with a name like Nova you need a more classic middle name. Which ultimately means that for me you won't find a music name which works with Nova thus I would save a music name for maybe a future child...?

    Nova Charmaine - Ugh I totally agree with DH I dislike Charmaine known so many trashy Charmaine's it's awful.

    Nova Chantal - Again I really dislike Chantal (I'm agreeing again with DH) she doesn't work with Nova either.

    Nova Lily - I like Lily she's a lovely sweet name but I think Lillian would have more punch next to Nova.

    Other suggestions:
    Nova Penelope
    Nova Catherine
    Nova Elisabeth
    Nova Isobel
    Nova Lauren
    Nova Louise
    Nova Vivienne
    Nova Juliet
    Nova Clementine

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    Musical theme - Nova;
    Carol (INA)

    Nova Carmen gets my vote

    Or you could mn for a favourite singer.........Ella, Amy, Barbara, Bette, Sarah, Celine...........

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    I like Nova Melody a lot, I prefer Nova to Raina personally. How about Nova Medley? I think it flows better than Melody, although it isn't really taming down Nova... Good Luck!!!

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    I like Nova Charlotte and Nova Lily

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    My pick from your list would be Nova Noelle. So fun and lovely!

    My great-grandmother's name was Nova so it's close to my heart.

    I like the idea of another musical mn.

    Nova Madrigal
    Nova Minuet
    Nova Lyric
    Nova Medley - slightly more interesting than Melody
    Top Names: Benedict Calvin & Noelle Geneva
    Olivia/Livy : Darah/Bethel : Eve/Verity
    Eli/Solomon : Luke/Zane: Levi/Phineas
    Due in January!

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