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    An Elvis inspired girls name

    I was talking with my pregnant friend about our mutual love of Mr. Presley, and she asked if I could think of any Elvis inspired names for her baby girl. And you know what? As much as I love names and I love Elvis, I've got nothing! All i could come up with is Memphis. She wasn't keen on Presley as a name (neither am I). Any ideas?
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    A few that I like OK...

    Grace - from Graceland
    Jessie/Jessica - his stillborn twin and a musical mentor in adolescence were both named Jesse
    Marion - according to Wikipedia, the secretary at Sun Records who played a role in his career was Marion Keisker
    Mila/Milam - Milam was a school he attended, per Wikipedia anyway
    Nora - similar letters to his middle name, Aaron
    Priscilla - Mrs. Presley
    Rosetta - Wikipedia claims he loved the music of Rosetta Tharpe
    Silvie - similar letters
    Sylvie - similar letters + the Y from Presley
    Tennessee - similar lines to Memphis
    Teresa - his first positive public performance was of a song written by Teresa Brewer

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    Presley (his last name)
    Nova (song: Bossa Nova Baby)
    Frankie (song: Frankie and Johnny)
    Frances, Francesca, Francine nn Frankie (song: Frankie and Johnny)
    Charlotte nn Charlie (song: Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues)
    Kathleen (song: I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen)
    Sally (song: Long Tall Sally)
    Marguerita (song: Marguerita)
    Marie (song: (Marie's the Name) His Latest Flame
    Mary (song: Mary in the Morning and Mary Lou Brown)
    Mary Lou (song: Mary Lou Brown)
    Lou (song: Mary Lou Brown)
    Louise or Louisa nn Lou (song: Mary Lou Brown)
    Maybellene (song: Maybellene)
    Mona Lisa (song: Mona Lisa)
    Mona (song: Mona Lisa)
    Desdemona or Ramona nn Mona (song: Mona Lisa)
    Lisa (song: Mona Lisa)
    Petunia (song: Petunia, the Gardener's Daughter)
    Annie (song: Polk Salad Annie)
    Lucia (song: Santa Lucia)
    Angeline (song: Sweet Angeline)
    Leilani (song: Sweet Leilani)
    Sylvia (song: Sylvia)
    Nancy (song: There Ain't Nothing Like a Song (with Nancy Sinatra))
    Violet (song: Violet)
    Aldon (Elvis means "wise", and so does this name)
    Ramona (shared meaning with "Elvis")
    Shannon (shared meaning with "Elvis")
    Sage (shared meaning with "Elvis")
    Raymonda (shared meaning with "Elvis")
    Ulima (shared meaning with "Elvis")
    Dara (shared meaning with "Elvis")
    Pallas (shared meaning with "Elvis")
    Sonia (shared meaning with "Elvis")
    Wisdom (shared meaning with "Elvis")
    Whizdom (shared meaning with "Elvis")
    Zsofia (shared meaning with "Elvis")
    Sofia (shared meaning with "Elvis")
    Sophia (shared meaning with "Elvis")
    Sophie (shared meaning with "Elvis")
    Zofia (shared meaning with "Elvis")
    Sofi (shared meaning with "Elvis")
    Sofie (shared meaning with "Elvis")
    Hye (shared meaning with "Elvis")
    Gundruna (shared meaning with "Elvis")
    Ainsley (shared meaning with "Presley", last name of Elvis, which means "priest's meadow". the following mean "meadow".)
    Arley (shared meaning with "Presley")
    Ashley (shared meaning with "Presley")
    Brady (shared meaning with "Presley")
    Brinley (shared meaning with "Presley")
    Chesleigh (shared meaning with "Presley")
    Hallie (shared meaning with "Presley")
    Hartley (shared meaning with "Presley")
    Kinsley (shared meaning with "Presley")
    Langley (shared meaning with "Presley")
    Lea (shared meaning with "Presley")
    Lee (shared meaning with "Presley")
    Leigh (shared meaning with "Presley")
    Leighton (shared meaning with "Presley")
    Marlee (shared meaning with "Presley")
    Marley (shared meaning with "Presley")
    Mead (shared meaning with "Presley")
    Morley (shared meaning with "Presley")
    Raleigh (shared meaning with "Presley")
    Saralee (shared meaning with "Presley")
    Shirley (shared meaning with "Presley")
    Stanley (shared meaning with "Presley")
    Vegas (shared meaning with "Presley")
    Waverly (shared meaning with "Presley")
    Whitley (shared meaning with "Presley")
    Yeardley (shared meaning with "Presley")
    Zabana (shared meaning with "Presley")
    Zaltana (shared meaning with "Aaron", Elvis's middle name, which means "high mountain; exalted; enlightened". This means "high mountain". The following mean "exalted" or "Enlightened")
    Adara (shared meaning with "Aaron")
    Adasha (shared meaning with "Aaron")
    Aleah (shared meaning with "Aaron")
    Ali (shared meaning with "Aaron")
    Alia (shared meaning with "Aaron")
    Athalia (shared meaning with "Aaron")
    Augusta (shared meaning with "Aaron")
    Augustina (shared meaning with "Aaron")
    Brid (shared meaning with "Aaron")
    Jezebel (shared meaning with "Aaron")
    Erin (sounds like "Aaron")

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    I think that Graceland, Memphis or Tennessee would make great middles. I think Ellis could work, or Elle, especially Elle V____, like Elle Vivian or Elle Veronica.

    Also, the girl in Blue Hawaii was named Maile & the girl in Viva Las Vegas was Rusty. Looking to favorite movies or songs or albums could be helpful if you don't want to just riff off of the name Elvis.

    Priscilla would be a cool middle & Lisa-Marie could be a nice double middle.

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    I actually know a little girl called Graceland ''Gracie''.
    I didn't even immediately 'get' it either, so it's not incredibly obvious... it took me ages to realise why it kind of felt a bit vintage-glam, and why I sort of liked it.
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