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    Help find a middle name for Valentine!

    I'm dead set on Valentine as the first name of my first daughter, but I'm having trouble finding a middle name that fits. My fiance insists it could only work as a middle name, and every suggestion I make he either turns down or says it sounds better switched. But I'm determined to keep Valentine in the first spot.

    So far I've liked Valentine Odette and Valentine Irene, but they're a no go with him. I'd like to find something he at least sort of likes! Suggestions?

    EDIT: We've managed to agree on alliteration! So far we like Valentine Verity and Valentine Violette. Thoughts? Other suggestions?
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    I like Valentine! Makes me think of Ender's Game.
    I prefer it in the middle name spot as well (Odette Valentine is cute), since Valentine is traditionally a boys name but if you're firm about it being the first name I would pair it with something fairly feminine but not too 'Valentines' -Angellic, Floral, or Pink/Purple/Red.
    Maybe something like Jade, Luna, Niamh, Persephone, Aurielle, Marina, Magdalena?
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    Valentine Julia or Valentine Juliet(te) sprang to mind for some reason. I think it needs something equally glamorous, just a bit more down to Earth than Valentine, for balance...

    Valentine Ophelia
    Valentine Eliza
    Valentine Esme
    Valentine Alice
    Valentine Ramona
    Valentine Ottilie
    Valentine Iona
    Valentine Sylvie
    Valentine Isolde
    Valentine Estella
    Valentine Jean
    Valentine Amity
    Valentine Fay

    Rosemary Una ''Romy''
    Fenella Briar ''Nell''
    Maud Evangeline
    Sibyl Constance
    Edith Aveline
    Iseult Matilda
    Agnes Eilidh
    Alba Madeline

    (Eilidh = ay-lee. Iseult = ee-soolt)

    (im twenty and live in london. names calm my soul.)

    Isidore Jack ''Sid''
    Emmett Kielder
    Hugh Raphael
    Alec Oberon
    Wilfred Fox
    Rufus Colm
    Jeremy Aidan ''Jem''
    Nicholas Hwyl ''Cas''
    (Colm = col-um. Hwyl = hwill)

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    How will you be pronoucing Valentine? The girl pronunciation is usually Val-en-teen. But if not, these would still work: (* are my favorites)

    Valentine Ivy
    Valentine Pearl*
    Valentine Agatha
    Valentine Agnes
    Valentine Lucille
    Valentine Marie* (I usually see Marie as a filler but I think it grounds Valentine)
    Valentine Louise*
    Valentine Lucy
    Valentine Mariel
    Valentine Neve
    Valentine Cora
    Valentine Estelle*
    Valentine Helena*

    I like your choice of Valentine Odette.

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    We'd be pronouncing it like the Holiday. I don't like the val-en-teen pronunciation.

    I like Valentine Estelle but fiance doesn't. :/

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