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    Thanks for the feedback, everyone! And yes, daisychain, you are correct. Too much thought going into the name list I suppose and not enough into the title - oops! Now if I could figure out how to change it... perhaps we can consider it a unique spelling?

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    I just had to reply to let you know, that although I don't yet have any children, Theodore nn Theo and Bennett nn Ben are at the top of my boy's list! I love the full versions of each name, but I also like the option of a nickname...I like that a child at least has that possibility. Although I like the option of nicknames I don't think it's weird if one child goes by a nickname and the other doesn't, I have young cousins who are brothers and one goes by a nickname and the other by his full first name. Also, like a previous poster said, Bennett may someday go by Ben, since we can't control what others (like kids at school) will call him. I am a bit of a control freak, so it does bother me to have a name on my list that has a nickname I dislike since I wouldn't be able to control, for example, if a daughter named Isabel would become "Izzy" (a nickname which I hate) with her friends no matter how hard I tried to keep her full-name-only.
    Sorry for the long post telling all about MY style! As I said, I love Theodore with Bennett, but I also think Samuel and Nathaniel are great options. I've actually considered putting Nathaniel on my list, but it hasn't made it yet I love reading through the forums and seeing people that have a similar "style" to mine, or considering names I have on my list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boyandgirl View Post
    I love Alexander! And Al is a fantastic unexpected nickname.
    Ditto this. I suspect you will get a lot of "normal" people (non-Berries) saying "Al? For a baby?" because in theory it sounds a little weird, but I think those make the best nns because they are so unexpected that they seem that much more endearing. I know a little boy Evan who is called (sometimes) Evie (EH-vee), which is obviously a familiar girl's name/nickname, but it fits him so perfectly and it's so precious to hear his mom call him that -- I just love it.

    Also, if you're liking Wesley but not really feeling it totally, there is also Weston, which I think pairs wonderfully with Bennett. Not really traditional, but not exactly trendy. I do know a couple around age 2, but that's not to say it will definitely be a "trendy" breakout name. I know a couple of Bennetts too, but, as I said before, I still don't consider that name "trendy".

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    Theodore Michael
    Harrison Michael
    Wesley Richard

    Suggestions: Leon, nn Leo, Samson, nn Sam, Alvin/Alcott, nn Al, Maxwell, nn Max.

    I think Samson, Alvin, Alcott, or Maxfield really make sense with Bennett. Bennett is a cool, refreshing spin on the classic Benjamin, while Samson is a spin on Samuel, and Alvin/Alcott are a spin on Alex. I also think Maxwell is darling with Bennett!

    So my favorites:
    Samson Leo
    Samson Theodore
    Samson Richard
    Alvin Richard
    Alvin Michael
    Alvin Leo/n
    Alcott Theodore
    Alcott Richard
    Maxwell Richard
    Maxwell Theodore
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