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    Thanks to all for your suggestions...
    Actually is a bit complicated.. I'm mexican... my husband is British and we are living actually in Germany... so we want a kinda neutral name that goes well with Philip and that will not be "changed" or pronounced funny in either english or spanish... --- Hard thing isnt it?
    Until now I only have:

    Daniel Philip
    Liam Philip
    Leo Philip
    Samuel Philip
    David Philip
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    From your short list I like Daniel Philip and Leo Philip the best. But the rest of the names are also nice!
    Here are some more ideas that would work in english, spanish and german areas as well:
    Mom to:
    Beatrice Rose (Bea)
    Sylvia Alice (Sylvie)

    If we have a third child one day:
    Charlotte (Lottie), Emma, Isadora, Claire, Nora, Clementine, Lucy, Eleanor, Camille, Elodie, Vivian, Briony
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