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    Loving Ulryck as a middle

    Can anyone offer some first names (preferrably Saint names) that flow. Ulryck is on both sides of our family and I've always liked it. Our last name is 3 syllables ending in 'cha'. Thanks again! ~Laura
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    Elijah - love this with Ulrick the most

    ps id use Ulrick, even if the family spells it Ulryck - u & y in one name is a lot, plus Ulrick will be easier for people to spell
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    I prefer Ulrich, but I love the sound! Lucian Ulrich or Bassian Ulrich are both fantastic (if a bit out there, perhaps!) - here is an incredible list of saint names ending in 'n' - if you look at @mischa's started threads, there are lots more male saint names you can look at. I find them so interesting! Good luck.

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