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    Brother for Maisie - Alec or Charlie or something else?

    Hi! First time poster here. We're expecting a baby brother for Maisie in a few months and are having difficulty choosing a name! So far, we both like Alec and Charlie. We live in the US, although I'm from the UK. Surname is hyphenated (starting with S). Family middle names that we could use are Robert, Gordon and Craig. I would love to hear thoughts on first names and middle names and welcome any new suggestions too. Thanks

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    I think Charlie and Maisie are adorable. Charlie Gordon sounds great.

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    I plan on naming my daughter to be born in October Maisie! Do u love this name? Do people have trouble pronouncing it ? Has the response to the name been positive?

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    I too would love your opinion on Maisie. I think it's so so adorable but having a bit of difficulty picturing it on an adult. And would love to hear what her middle name is!

    For a brother to Maisie, I would vote for Alec from your list. Not a super fan of the rhyming with Maisie and Charlie. For his middle I like Alec Reid, Alec Lachlan, and Alec Lucian. Other suggestions would be:


    My favourite is Hale. Maisie and Hale. So cute!

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    Thanks so much to all of you!

    We still love the name Maisie four years later and would choose it again. I can't imagine my daughter being called anything else! Her middle name is Isabella. No problems with pronunciation and we have only met two others in four years (at a playground and restaurant). Occasionally people mention the Maisy Mouse books, which my daughter loved when she was younger.

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