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    Bas or Bram for our fourth child? To go with sisters' names.

    My husband and I already have three daughters, twins Anke and Heike who are five, and a three year old named Neska, and I am six months pregnant with a boy!

    We both really like the name Bastiaan, but, since our daughters all have short names, we think it looks out of place. We like the short form, Bas, but we prefer the name Bram, but I don't think that goes as well and it instantly names me think of Bram Stoker.

    So, Bram or Bas? The surname is Jonckheer.

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    Are you saying Bas like the fish, bass? I prefer Bram to that. You could maybe try Abram and use Bram as a nn so that you could avoid Bram Stoker references on paper and as he grows up.

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    Another option

    Hi There!
    My son's name is Basil - and we call him Bas - (rhymes with Jazz). Just a shorter option for you to consider and still get the nickname you like! Good luck!

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    I prefer Bram.

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    I like Bram better with your daughters' names.

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