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    'Fresh' and quirky baby names...

    I've had baby names on the brain for so long that nothing sounds 'fresh' to my ears anymore! What names do you consider to be refreshing and slightly quirky?! In looking for inspiration....

    Some names that I do still find refreshing inspite of overexposure:


    Can you give me any others to extend my list...

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    Right now I'm crushing on Day as a middle name. I just think it's so sunny, fresh, and not too overused.

    Amelia Day
    Caroline Day
    Luna Day


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    Where I am from, Midwest US, these names are not overused. Sometimes, it seems we get flooded with overuse of names from berries, when actually our real worlds find them fresh. I just love Dephine and Mirabel! I don't have much in the way of adding to your list, but just wanted you to keep positive about these names you do appreciate. Best Wishes! ~ Laura

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    Day is super cute and I do love Adelaide and also Maud/Maude... Maude feels very refreshing though I have a little Matilda already so would only ever use it as her nn! Anyone else want to have a go? What names do you find refreshing??

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