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    I do like Coralie and Beatrix! I just ran them by my husband, he shot them down. Of course, *mumble mumble*

    I like the sound of Juliette, but not crazy about Jules/Julie/Julia in general, which is probably why we ended up with Scarlett.

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    Suggestions for sister to Gabrielle Fay

    Avara Juliet (meaning the youngest)
    Clementina Noelle (meaning merciful)
    Ingrid Anneliese
    Caroline Aurelia
    Leona Marguerite
    Sabina Eloise
    Michaela Jane (I like Michaela but only spelt like this but some may find it a little dated.)
    Aurora Alexandra
    Victoria Snow

    Psalm 23

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    Quote Originally Posted by rkrd View Post
    Perrine Scarlett would be lovely. Perrine means 'traveler'.
    nameberry says this means "rock, stone"
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    Gabrielle Faye and...
    Juliette Nyx
    Elodie Arcadia (perhaps this feels 'fresher'?)
    Angelique Titania
    Dominique Maeve (love this!)
    Mathilde Juniper
    Amelie Titania
    Camille Arcadia
    Celeste Titania
    Antoinette Nyx
    Vivienne Arcadia (love this with Gabrielle)
    Aimee Juniper (Aimee means 'beloved')
    Charlotte Maeve (very similar 'feel' to Gabrielle Faye IMO - I think they're gorgeous together!)
    Adrienne Titania
    Lucille Nyx
    Sylvie Juniper

    Ahh! Sorry I posted so many. Hope you find some inspiration here!

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