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    Not sure about anything anymore! Sick of our top choice!

    So right now our top choice is Eloise Scarlett and it's been our top choice for a long time... But the E names are so popular, I'm getting kind of sick of Eloise already!

    I'm totally freaking out! It feels like I've looked at ALL the names in the Internet and we can't agree on anything else! My husband likes weirder names (e.g.: Summer, River, older Greek names) while I like something unique but easily recognizable (I have to spell my name, Ariane, all the time. It gets old).

    The first name has to sound kind of French, as I have family who don't speak English. Our first daughter is Gabrielle Faye.

    Other names we like (enough for middle name, but not enough for first name - they're a little too crazy for me!):

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    Gabrielle Faye is so beautiful!

    Suggestions for a sister:


    I really like Beatrix for you, as it'd old, odd, and classical like your husband prefers, but it's definitely familiar to the general population.

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    Perrine Scarlett would be lovely. Perrine means 'traveler'.

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    Eloise is pretty popular too right now, though I do think its darling with Scarlett.
    Arcadia is pretty (its one of my husbands top picks), and Juniper is really beautiful. Nyx is super cool but in my opinion doesn't go very well with Gabrielle.
    Also, I don't think Summer or River are weird names, but they are definitely nature names.
    I can only think of one suggestion for you right now, ant it would be Celeste/Celestia. I love so many things about this name - It's so elegant and pretty. It sounds vaguely french, although its origins are Latin. It makes me think of stars and heavens, and its angellic without being too much of a match for Gabrielle. Your husband might like it if he likes nature names, and it is definitely recognizable without being popular. Easy to spell too which is a plus! I also love the connection to the children's series Babar (so adorable).
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    I second the idea of Beatrix. It sounds good with Gabrielle. Everyone has heard it. Easy to say and pronounce. However, it does not work with Scarlett as a middle.

    Beatrix Juniper (My fav middle for you)
    Beatrix Summer
    Beatrix Eloise
    Beatrix Calliope
    Beatrix Octavia

    Some other French-first-name combos to consider (feel free to mix and match to your liking!)
    Adeline River
    Amelie Summer
    Juliette Winter
    Rosalie Nyx
    Sidney Eloise
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