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    I like Charlotte but it's too popular.

    I like Gabrielle because it sounds feminine but with the strong "G" sound it still has some spunk to it. A lot of the other French names, like Evangeline and Celeste for example, sound too calm for me

    Can't say I'm in love with names ending in -ine (too feminine) or -ie (too nicknamy)... I was talking with my husband last night and we sort of like Nora. I also really like Thea, but he doesn't. It doesn't have to end in -a, but I think I like something that sounds good in French (unlike River/Winter/November which my husband loves) without being SO French per se, if that makes sense!

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    all 3 sound lovely with Juliette or Scarlett in the middle.
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    Eloise Scarlett is beautiful. Classic and pretty but not too popular nor too obscure.

    I would recommend maybe a break from thinking about names....and then come back to it refreshed.
    The same thing happened to me. When I was pregnant and thinking about names I would get bored of them. We ended up using the boy name we originally had come up with .
    good luck.

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    I too think you can get the name blahs from thinking and over thinking names. We had Eloise ( a family name) on our top three to add to her name- I couldn't get over the "wheeze" sound and nixed it. Now that we paired it down to Ella, I'm pining for Eloise :-)
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    Eloise is a great name. I ended up dropping the names I was hooked on because I overthought everything. I loved the name Sophie for 10 years and then I didn't use it because it was #1. Well now every time I meet a new Sophie or Sophia I think "Well, if YOU could use the name I loved ... why couldn't I??" Then I loved Charlotte and Violet but also decided they were "too trendy"

    Well, I went with Ruby which is a great name. It's trendy in the world, but in the US it's at least one notch less trendy than Charlotte/Sophia/Violet.

    But I wish I had stopped looking at the top list and just went with the name I loved. Ruby doesn't have any direct friends or playmates named Sophia, and even if she did, big deal. They would have bonded over their shared name.

    Go with the name you love. Take it from someone who regrets not doing that.

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