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Thread: Esme?

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    I really like Esme (much more than Amy), but never found it complete enough. Then I found the name Esmeray (Esmeree) And I'm in love : ) Back to Esme; I think people will have some trouble pronouncing it. Likely half will pronounce it right and the other half will say (ez-mee). Ashthedreamer's suggestion of Esmée would probably be much easier for people to say (though for some reason I don't like it as much).
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    I love it! She has a beautiful, elegant, and demure. I love the French flair of the name Esme, she's a lovely name.

    I dislike Amy never liked it. The name feels dated and unappealing.

    No offence ignore your mother Esme is fantastic!! Amy feels dated, Esme feels unusual and fresh

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    1. Sorry but I really hate the name Esme. It just sounds unpleasant to me, like asthma or eczema. I visualize the villain Yzma in Emperor's New Groove.

    2. Amy is okay. It definitely is dated. I don't mind it as a nickname, but on it's own it doesn't feel substantial to me.
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    I adore Esme/Esmé! So much sleek classiness in four little letters (or five letters if you go with Esmeé. I like them both.) Amy is nice, but it's bland and insubstantial next to the sort of cosmopolitan sagacity of Esme. I like Ismay, the masculine Middle French version, even better.
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