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Thread: Esme?

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    I'm not sure Esme and Amy are actually related--where did you hear that? Amy (the more phonetic spelling of Aimee--which, technically in French, is eh-MEE, not AY-mee, which bugs the French in me to no end) is derived from the French word "aimer". Meaning to like, to love. Esme(e) derives from the Old French word esmer, meaning to esteem. Granted, the idea behind the meanings are similar (and I believe the word "esmer" is no longer in use), so I suppose "esmer" could have morphed into "aimer", but the meanings really don't correlate that well. "To esteem" doesn't exactly mean "to love".

    For what it's worth, I think it's a great name. I love it. I never seem to add it to my list, but I do love it. But also for what it's worth, I would never use the Esme spelling. I just keep saying EZ-mm whenever I see it. It loses the French charm without the accent and the proper feminine spelling (in French, Esmé is the male spelling, and Esmée is the feminine one). If Renée caught on for girls, and people figured out how to say that, why in the world can't Americans bother to spell Esmée right, too? I think people just assume that Esme is the traditional spelling because of Twilight, but I find Esmée truly beautiful and I'd love to meet a little girl with the name.
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    I really like Esme and defiantly prefer it to Amy. I don't at all find it an old women name, probably because the only Esme I know is about eight.

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    I thought Esme was just okay until some friends used it for their daughter, and now I love it. I associate it less with Twilight and more with the J.D. Salinger story "For Esme--With Love and Squalor," and I think it has literary overtones more so than pop-cultural overtones for many people. It's a great name! I like it much better than Amy, which (as others have said) seems a bit dated and plain.

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    I wouldn't worry about it being an old ladies name. There are a lot of oldies ranking pretty high in popularity right now. Esme is pretty in my opinion.

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    @ashthedreamer here and thinkbabaynames have the names Amy and Esme as related. However behind the name didn't and should I should have taken that as a sign as they usually have the best etymology. I looked it up and did find that it was the French variation of Esmer. However everywhere has esteemed and loved as synonymous for the English translations.

    I know it loses the French charm with the spelling and I found that out a little after I posted this thread. I was actually saving it for another thread after I get everyone's opinion of the name.

    Everyone else thanks for the feedback, I read everyone's post it's just that Ash had some very specific references I wanted to respond to.

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