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Thread: Esme?

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    Jul 2013
    I actually really like it -Esme- (love is too strong a word to use as yet) as it is distinct, not popular yet has a familiar feel to it.
    Truth be told I prefer frilly names and I am actually surprised I like this without the frills attached to it.

    Though I loved Amy as a child and think that it is a timeless name which will always hold a place in my heart... There's just something about Esme that intrigues me. Despite the association with Twilight this name hasn't caught on that much (at least not yet), so I'm not so sure it is popular enough to be that dated of a name, especially as it doesn't follow the -ella, -ley, -lyn, boys names on girls trend. Dated but not too popular.

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    I like both Amy and Esme. Esme slightly more, but I'm quite fond of Amy despite some people finding it dated.

    Amy is refreshing compared to Ava (which I hate) and even Ivy, which I love but is more on trend. Amy reminds me of Little Women and has a soft, unpretentious sound to me. It sounds simple and like it's not trying to impress anyone, and I kind of really like that. Not everything has to be about being the only one anyone you know has ever met, you know?

    Esme feels more stylish than Amy, and I like the -may sound. Mae is another name I really adore. I like Esmeralda, too, but Esme is less clunky. I could see Esme getting more popular.

    I hadn't thought about the beloved meaning that much, that's interesting. Both my grandmother and my sister have names that mean "beloved" or "lovable" but they're not named the same thing as each other and neither is an Amy or a Esme. One would tie in interestingly, I'll have to think about that.

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    I loved Esme before Twilight, and the association hasn't dampened my love! I think Esme is beautiful and very wearable. It's uncommon, but recognizable, and with a beautiful meaning. Gorgeous! I definitely prefer it to Amy.

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    I like Esme . I think its a cute and refersing choise . Its unique but still familiar enough due to the Twilight assosiation .The meaning is also lovely too .I definetly prefer it to Amy which i find quite dated . I definetly agree with you Gina that the name isnt popular enough to consider dated in a few years .

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    I think it potentially may end up uber-popular, but it is a lovely name.

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