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    Pronunciation blues: how would you pronounce this?

    Ok so first off, I am an aspiring novelist and I hope someday maybe to be a mother. (So far I am unmarried and in my twenties). One of my top names for a child and not a character is Johanna. I love this name. It's a name I started loving when I was with my ex-boyfriend. It seemed like his style and we are both of German descent (although we both have other nationalities in addition to being German American.) I read Heidi as little girl and I like the Johanna Spyri connection. anyway I have always pronounced Jo ha-na or Yo han na.
    Then one day I was watching Castle and it was on Beckett's mother's tomb (her first name). I got excited even though this name pops up a lot lately. Then the character was discussing her mother's death and she called her Joanna just like that. I was so upset. It's still my favorite but I prefer a more Germanic pronunciation. The thing that bothered me the most was she left out the h all together. I don't love, but could deal Jo-hanne na- but Jo Anna without the h? What not just go with Joanna?
    Anyway I want to know even if you don't use the h, how do you pronounce this name?

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    I ignore the H because that's how the Johanna's I know with that spelling pronounced their own names. I pronounce it like JO-anna

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    I was trying to remember where I first heard this name, and then you said it, Heidi! I loved that book. I pronounce it Joe-Hannah. I've never met a Johanna though, so I don't have a real person to base it off of. I prefer Joe-Hannah to Jo-Anna.
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    I actually pronounce it Joe-Hannah. I've never met one in real life and I only remember this pronunciation from the Real World Austin.
    However I did know both a Jihana and a Jehana growing up and both pronounced their names with the h sound.

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    I always assumed the 'h' was silent. That's the only way I've heard it pronounced.

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