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Thread: Otis or Angus?

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    Otis or Angus?

    Please help us decide between Otis and Angus. We're 7 months pregnant and can't decide! I love Angus because I think it's strong, rugged name that reflects my Scottish heritage. Middle names will be Fraser Forbes (family names). It also has a nick-name option of Gus. Husband prefers Otis as younger and more original - I think it's maybe a bit trendy & cutesy? Thoughts please!

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    I prefer Angus--esp. w/your Scottish heritage to back it up. Otis is alright--reminds me of baseball player Amos Otis, singer Otis Redding...but overall, rather forgettable.

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    I don't think Angus is dated it's too unusual in the states. I think Gus is really in, but not too popular. Otis was a grandfather of someone I knew so it doesn't mean anything to me. Angus and Otis might make nice brothers. People say having a name beginning with A is lucky (google that) and then maybe tell him.
    Good Luck!

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    I love Otis. It's got a neat blend of bluegrass and jazz about it. I imagine a guy who's creative, laid back, and probably very hickster. Angus just makes me think of a greasy, middle-aged Scottish man.

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    Love Angus. Both are great names, but I love the nn Gus.

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