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Thread: Otis or Angus?

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    I prefer Otis. I just can't shake the beef association! Angus isn't bad, and Gus is adorable--I bet I'd change my mind if I knew a boy with the name. I've never know one, so for now beef comes to mind unfortunately. Are there any other traditional Scottish names you're considering?

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    I think I like Otis more because it makes me think of music while Angus feels harsher & more evocative of meat. It's a tough call, cause Angus is stronger sounding, a quality I usually go for. Otis could skew as cuter, but I don't think that means it won't age well. I do like Gus. Could you be interested in August, Augustus, ect?

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    Both are nice names, Otis is fresher and makes me think of a cute young boy, Angus makes me think of beef.

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    It has a much fresher feel than Angus (which has always struck me as a old drunken man name and beef).
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    I prefer Angus. I just love the nn Gus (like that little mouse in Cinderella)! I'm not sure I'd personally be brave enough to use it because I worry about the teasing potential with "black Angus beef", but I still think it's a great name. It honestly probably isn't even a big deal.

    Otis reminds me of the movie "Milo and Otis". They used to play that movie at the $1 theater every summer when I was little. Not a bad connotation by any means. Still, if I were going to use it myself, it'd probably be a pet name. I like Otto better for some reason, I guess it just strikes me as more "person-y".
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