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    Of your choices, I like Nora the best! Nora Claire sounds great.

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    I like Kate , i also like Elizabeth but prefer this with an 's' - Elisabeth . X

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    Someone suggested Elizabeth Claire above, this is pretty . My name is Claire, ive never liked it for myself, however when putting as a middle name its beautiful. Elisabeth is my preferred spelling. Elisabeth Claire - Ohhh i may possibly steal this hehehe, 4 weeks to go and no names. We have our boys name however . Let us know what you chose x

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    Nora(h) - I have such a soft spot for this name. Norah Kate. Or... Norah Jane, Nora Francis, Norah Charlotte, Nora Genevieve.
    Brynn - Prefer the softer "eh" sound of the name Brenna.
    Claire - Classic, but I prefer Clara. Clara Elizabeth is lovely.
    Kaley - This seems like the odd name out! Just doesn't fit with the sort of historic/romantic feel of the other names on your list.
    Elizabeth - Never seems to lose its appeal.
    Tess - Great name. I would choose Tessa, nn Tess. Tessa Eleanor? Tessa Rosemary? Tessa Noelle?
    Kate - Love this name despite its commonness. Also like it spelled Cate, like Blanchett.

    My top picks: #1) Nora #2) Elizabeth #3) Tess(a).

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