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    I love the name! I love MC Escher, I love the meaning, and I think it can sound great with a lot of surnames - unfortunately, not mine.

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    i really like Escher, it's on my own list

    i only think of the artist when i hear it. i'm German, the above translation "dweller near an ash tree" fits, but it's not what comes to mind when i think of the name. to me, it's more of a cerebral connotation.. since Escher's paintings are about reality and our perception of it. on my list, it's right next to Tesla and some names of philosophers.

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    How would you pronounce it?

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    It's a nice alternative to Asher, which seems to be gaining popularity, on nb at least. I like the artist association. Better raise him to have depth!

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    Quote Originally Posted by esswei View Post
    How would you pronounce it?
    I think it's 'ESH-er'.

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