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Thread: Cravings

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    @katiey: I am almost 12 weeks. I have been to the doctor, but not my OB yet (Friday!) so my guess is I will be out of the first trimester shortly unless they tell me I calculated wrong. Doubtful though since I had been tracking everything like a crazy person. As far as the nausea, I am trying not to complain too much, but this constant queasiness is like being nibbled to death by ducks. Pain, I can take. This is something else!

    Just thinking about Ramen at 10 am makes me want to run too
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    r_j, Is this your first? Tell me whether the pain or queasiness is worse once you deliver! Haha! Some of your nausea might ebb when the weather starts to change as well. For some reason the heat seems to make it worse.

    My doctor used to "catch babies" as he says it (He delivered me, actually!) & he is very knowledgeable about pregnancy since he trained in the very first birthing Hospital in Dublin, so I'm pretty sure I won't be seeing an OB til around 30 weeks. So sad that he doesn't assist deliveries any more but to be fair he is getting old now. So yeah I will only see an OB right at the very end when I absolutely have to.

    Seriously the Ramen guy was the WORST.

    Azula had a cold last week which she has kindly given to me (shes pretty much over it but still really needy). So today I feel incredibly crappy and all I've consumed is orange juice. Hubs took the last of the gigantic batch of soup I made to work today and I just can't handle anything else. On top of it all I'm supposed to finish TWO quilts by Sunday and I have absolutely no motivation.
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    I craved peanut M&Ms. I had to have a pack every evening around 7 p.m. I felt bad for eating them because they weren't healthy, but the cravings were so strong that I just gave in every time.
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