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Thread: Cravings

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    I had no cravings!! But I did have morning sickness and could only stomach certain things. One day I ate cinnamon toast, pickles, and root beer for breakfast
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    Quote Originally Posted by leadmythoughts View Post
    One day I ate cinnamon toast, pickles, and root beer for breakfast
    That sounds like cravings to me!

    Yesterday all I wanted were sour candies & chai lattes. Good thing my husband doesn't let me have my way all the time.
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    No major cravings with my last pregnancy but I craved all types of fizzy juice with my older daughter. Fizzy apple juice was my weakness!

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    With my first pregnancy, I craved Coffee all the time, coffee flavored ice cream too. And I hated coffee before that. No I drink it best cold, but sometimes hot, and pretty regularly. I do all decaf now. I also had an aversion to raw meat, especially red meat.

    This time, I had some early aversions - lettuce, tomatoes (any variety from fresh to sauce) and garlic, all made me sick.
    that lifted around 12 weeks.
    These little boys seem to want Ice Cream and Oreo cookies all the time. Any hour of the day. And as a diabetic, that sucks.
    Yesterday, it was all about Pickled Beets, I ate about 3/4 of a jar, and am kicking myself for not buying more. Or finding good beets at a Farmers market and making my own. In fact, I'm kicking myself for not packing any in my lunch right now. d'oh!
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    I have been craving strawberry poptarts for the majority of this pregnancy. I had always liked them, but now it is like I can't get enough of them.
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