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    Nicknames for Taryn?

    I've been thinking about this. Taryn is a name I adore and I am already anxious because I'm thinking 13-15 years into the future here and worrying about my future husband poo-pooing the idea (I'm a worrier, if you haven't noticed).

    The name Taryn for a boy has major personal significance to me (a really close friend of mine, who I lost contact with rather abruptly, has this name). I also just adore the way it sounds. Even though I would be fine with just calling a child by the name Taryn, I want to have some nicknames mocked up as backup. I'm also really curious as to what other people can come up with! I'm really open to anything besides any variation of Terry.

    My friend went by Taz, and although I really like that I just think it'd feel a bit weird calling a child that (just because of the history involved with the name). But I'm still open to the idea.

    So, berries, tell me what you think! Nothing is a bad idea
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