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    my boy list...what are your favorites?

    Wylie Grey
    Todd Wesley
    Tucker Declan
    Avery Layne
    Maddox Jack
    Abel Grey (nn Abe)
    Dexter Wesley
    Addison Jack
    Oliver Cole
    Huck Wesley
    Harrison Wesley
    Hudson Tucker
    Larsen Grey
    Troy Carter
    Buckley Whit
    Carter Davey
    Jack Tucker
    Davey Grey
    Jett Carter

    I have too many me narrow them down? (ps lets all be nice here, If you don't like some of my selections, be polite =) Thanks a bunch!

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    Abel Grey & Oliver Cole are really nice!

    Jack Tucker reminds me of John Tucker, like in that movie that came out in the early 2000s.

    If I did a little mix-and-match I would like:
    Avery Grey
    Avery Cole
    Oliver Jack
    Oliver Declan
    Jack Declan
    Harrison Jack

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    Wylie Grey - I like this! He might get the Wiley Coyote jokes, but I still think it's a great name.
    Todd Wesley - I don't care for the sound of Todd, but like Wesley.
    Tucker Declan - I like both names but I would probably mix & match this one a little because of that repeating hard "k" sound.
    Avery Layne - I have no problem with Avery on a boy or a girl, but the middle name spelling of Layne makes it all feminine to me.
    Maddox Jack - I have never warmed to Maddox and Jack is too popular for me.
    Abel Grey (nn Abe) - Like it! Abel nn Abe is cute on a baby and handsome on a man.
    Dexter Wesley - Love the name Dexter! But I would pick a middle name with a different vowel. Can you tell I like "contrasting" middle names? lol
    Addison Jack - I've only ever known of Addison as a girl's name, and I immediately think of Addison's Disease, so I would nix this one.
    Oliver Cole - Love Oliver! This is a good combination.
    Huck Wesley - This is one of the best middle names I've seen for Huck. I just couldn't give it to a baby, anticipating all the F-word rhymes in his future.
    Harrison Wesley - I'm "meh" on Harrison but this is a good combination.
    Hudson Tucker - Like Hudson. Again, not a fan of first & middle names starting with the same vowel sound.
    Larsen Grey - Like it! There is a poster on the main Baby Names board considering this (the Larson spelling) for her son.
    Troy Carter - Bad personal associations with the name Troy.
    Buckley Whit - I feel like Buckley would get shortened to Buck, and then have the same issues as Huck! I like the full name Whittaker.
    Carter Davey - Davey is strictly a nickname to me, but Carter Davis or Carter Davies would work.
    Jack Tucker - Too much "ck." Maybe Jase Tucker?
    Davey Grey - Hmm, I've never seen someone consider just the name Davey. Would prefer a "full" name, but Grey is always nice.
    Jett Carter - Jett is a cool name. Carter is a little outdated to me? I guess I have heard it too much. Jett Hudson or Jett Harrison?

    Okay so my picks are #1) Oliver Cole, #2) Larsen Grey, #3) Abel Grey and #4) Wylie Grey!

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    I love Abel. It is one of those names that is NEVER used, yet almost everyone can instantly pronounce. I would like to meet an Abel. I might pair it with a longer middle name though.

    Abel Larsen or Abel Maddox maybe.

    In the same vein (uncommon Old Testament names), I really like Amos or Ames.

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    Oliver Cole - I like this one a lot
    Harrison Wesley - love this one. I think you could totally use Huck as a nn for Harrison

    Wylie Grey - really into coyotes? sorry, I don't like it
    Todd Wesley - love Wesley, Todd is a bit dull but not a bad name
    Tucker Declan - I dislike both names here. Tucker feels cutesy and Declan just sounds like decline to me.
    Avery Layne - Y heavy. Avery Lane is nice.
    Maddox Jack - the double a and k sounds are a bit overwhelming. Maddox Grey?
    Abel Grey (nn Abe) - love Abel, the duplicated long A sound isn't ideal. Abel Maddox?
    Dexter Wesley - Dexter is okay, not my favorite.
    Addison Jack - Addison is all girl to me. And trendy at that. Feels like naming a boy Mykayla.
    Huck Wesley - nice enough, Huck on it's own is rather limiting
    Hudson Tucker - Hudson Taylor was a famous missionary, so I'd steer clear of that sound if you're not a fan. Hudson Wesley would be nice.
    Larsen Grey - okay
    Troy Carter - meh, sounds like a country club brat's name
    Buckley Whit - I really dislike Buckley. Sounds rather dog-like to me. Whit is a cool middle though!
    Carter Davey - doesn't flow well
    Jack Tucker - again the double k sounds don't flow well. Jack Whitman?
    Davey Grey - Davey is a cute nn, but it's hard to imagine an adult man who's full name is Davey. Is something wrong with David?
    Jett Carter - Jett is okay, double T sounds are not ideal. Jett Harrison?
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