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    Ryan feels a little outdated IMO. I suggest if you are really worried about it then use Ryan as a MN.
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    I think Ryan is on its way to becoming a modern classic, but I agree that it does feel a little tired.

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    I don't think the dated thing is problem; I think it's more what would you call Ryan Junior. Generally more classic name like William are passed down giving lots of nickname potential.
    Some people think the kid loses out his ability to be his own person, but that's not always the case. I have known many boys who were juniors who felt like their own person. Technically he's only a junior if you pass the whole name first, last, and middle/s. Maybe you can call him by the middle name.
    Good luck!

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    do you have candidates for a mn? if you want a Jr, does the name have to be spelled exactly like that? i was thinking of the alternative spelling Rian (or is that only used for girls?), which i haven't seen around too much lately -- so it seems a tiny bit fresher to me.

    i do think that Ryan sounds a little bit dated, but it's not a dealbreaker. i especially think if you went with a mn you loved, Ryan works with a variety of names, you could get all sorts of cool combinations with that. but again, if you want a Jr, i'm not sure if you CAN pick a mn other than dad's mn? not sure how this works!

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    I guess in order to be a Jr we were thinking we'd have to use the exact combination, though I like the MN even less than Ryan and wouldn't mind something like Ryan Bennett or Ryan Gabriel. If I could choose a name kind of in the spirit of Ryan, I think Rowan is starting to grow on me...

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