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    I guess in order to be a Jr we were thinking we'd have to use the exact combination, though I like the MN even less than Ryan and wouldn't mind something like Ryan Bennett or Ryan Gabriel. If I could choose a name kind of in the spirit of Ryan, I think Rowan is starting to grow on me...
    hmm.. how set are you on the whole Jr idea, then? if you like the mn even less, i'm wondering if it's worth it. i've read most naming regret stems from decisions to honor family members..

    i am currently looking for names for my first son and started my mn search out wanting to honor relatives.. but i couldn't come up with much that i liked. at some point, i decided it was more important to me to find something i really loved.. and so i ditched the ancestry idea.

    aside from these black-or-white positions, i think there are probably alternatives of honoring loved ones that don't involve using their exact names if you don't really like them. a Ryan-inspired name sounds like a good idea to me! (i also really like Rowan ) or, sometimes people happen to come from a beautifully named place or a couple met in a place with a good name.. these things can hold even more meaning sometimes.

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