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    Ryan too dated to use as a Jr name?

    Our style is more classic with a twist, but we'd also love to name a boy after DH. Thing is, I'm just not sure how much mileage the name has left in it. What do you think?

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    We have a darling little Ryan next door - He is turning three soon and is the only Ryan under the age of 20 we know. I think our little Ryan made the name new again for us. Yours may work the same way.

    By the way, for some reason we all call him Ry-ry.

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    I think Ryan is one of those names in the position of being "dated but not yet classic". For whatever its worth, anytime you honor a father by naming a son after him, I say forget the popularity of the name. I know a handful of guys with truly arguably awful names that were handed down to them as juniors, IIIs and IVs... you can always call him by his middle name or Junior or something else. After all, it's only his legal name.

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    Although I'm not a fan of juniors (mainly for practical reasons due to likely confusion and mix-ups in various ways) I think that Ryan is not too outmoded yet (it's on the decline but not to the point that it will feel totally like a "dad" name IMO).

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    Last year, Ryan was top 5 in my state. Obviously, it's still used in pretty high numbers! It feels a bit tired to me, too, but you could always use Ryan as a MN--and thus, honor your partner, but also choose a name you love up front.

    Good luck!
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