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    Having twins in a few weeks and we cannot decide on the boy's name

    Hi there!!

    I'm 32 weeks pgnant with twins and we cannot decide on the name for our little baby boy
    I'm Spanish and my husband is English, so we kind of need an international name that both families can pronounce. Also a name that doesn't sound too English, because we live in Spain.
    We always knew that if we had a girl, her name would be Iris, but we are not sure about the boy's name. The only names we both like are LUCAS, LUCA, MAX and IAN, but not in the same order. My husband preffers Lucas, while I like Ian and Max.
    Since he suggested the girl's name, he says I have the final word on this one, but I cannot make the final decision!

    What do you think!?

    Max and Iris : We both like the way they sound together and I think Max is a strong name, and not over used in Spain.
    Lucas and Iris: Husband's choice because of a dream where he was called Lucas.
    Iris and Luca: Husband would accept this one, but preffers Lucas, and I don't know, but I think I preffer Luca to Lucas.
    Iris and Ian: I love the name Ian and I've been calling him Ian since month 5....but for him sounds too common.

    I would appreciate any suggestions!

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