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    Marie-Bonaparte ... for obvious reasons *sigh*
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    i adore Amos, but my husband won't let me name a future son that. says junior high would be a nightmare for him being called Anus. ) :

    i actually have an adult friend named Dove, and honestly, i've never once thought of the chocolate or the soap! that's so funny. it so suits her.

    and personally, i think Remember is very useable. ( ; but i do understand it's not for everyone. we honestly didn't think it was so incredibly out there when we chose it seeing as how it's rooted in American history and falls under the category of virtue names, but there ya are!
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    I love all these names, but as you can see, they are still un-usable.

    Loki-- Most people don't really like this name in general, and others immediatley think of Marvel.
    North-- I absolutely love this name for a little boy, but it's completely un-usable because of Kim and Kanye's little girl.
    Eden-- For a little girl, with the nn Edie, this would be perfect. But, it has the image of the garden of Eden in the Bible, and most people take that as a bad name.
    Ava-- This name is associated only with being common and boring. I still think it's beautiful, even though it's "stereo-typical."
    Mason-- This name, like Ava, is very common and, to most people, bland. I love the variation, Masen, but I know that no one would spell it right.
    Jacob-- The same as Mason.
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    Leon- my nephew's name is Levon
    Humphrey- :_(

    A lot of people cringe at the fact that Ursula is my favorite name, but I don't quite know if its unusable at this point.

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