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    Meaisin -- One of my good friends, his oldest son is Lucifer. He's a Luciferian and feels that if others can honor their gods then he should be able to honor his (among other reasons for using it, theological reasons I won't mention as they're likely to start a debate). He also has children named Thanatos and Pandora. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I actually AM planning on using Pandora! I love the nickname Panda and am very fond of the character from Skins. c: I do have some rather Christian family though, so Lucifer would be a bit much for me to impose. ^^'

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    I am hopelessly in love with the name Georgiana for a girl. But I know if I ever used it my family would have a cow. Plus I can't picture any 21st century kid liking being called Georgiana, I and really want my future kids to love their names. So I guess Georgiana belongs to a future cat or something.
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    I absolutely adore Haven, Sailor, and Poet.

    Although I love the way they sound, I just can't picture them on a child and especially not on an adult.

    What if Poet is more of a math person and Sailor hates the water?
    And Haven is just too close to Heaven, but I will always keep it on my guilty pleasures list!

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    Godiva, Lucrezia...people have such negative associations, but Lady Godiva was an advocate for the poor and there were several Lucrezias, all with inspiring (sometimes tragic) stories. The names sound so powerful.

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