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    Quote Originally Posted by katemp91 View Post
    Because Sage is such a unisex name, I would definitely go with a 100% boy middle.
    i have been thinking about that as well.. it's ok if the mn is a bit gender-vague, although i might not want a mn that would make the whole name sound like it was a girl's name. for example, i happen to like Ariel, but most people seem to think because of that mermaid that it's a girl's name.. so Sage Ariel would sound like a girl. which is why Ariel is now off the list.

    although most boy names strike me as too masculine, so i'm having a hard time sticking to that!

    i somehow like Harvey a lot, although my fiancé isn't a fan. i've now started a new list and taking notes of your suggestions! thank you so much for the ideas, and keep'em coming

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrstoon View Post
    First combo that came to mind is Sage Orlando which I think is very cool.

    Sage Lysander
    Sage Aurelian
    Sage Montgomery
    Sage Ivanhoe
    Sage Tristan
    Sage Evan
    Sage Matthias
    Sage Morrow
    Lysander was on my list as well! Fiancé doesn't like the -ander ending, though.
    Added Tristan and Evan / Evans to my list now too!

    About Aurelian: I've been thinking along the lines of Aur- too (gold / dawn --> sun --> solstice) For a girl, I like Aura, Aurora, Aurore. But with the shooting in Colorado, this is another line of names my fiancé has vetoed.

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    I absolutely love Sage on a boy. It's really awesome.

    I don't think another S name is too bad with Sage. For Sol- names

    Sage Crisol
    Sage Solange
    Sage Solano
    Sage Solaris
    Sage Solideo
    Sage Solon

    Sun related names:

    Sage Apollo -- God of light, music, arts, knowledge, healing, plague and darkness, prophecy, poetry, purity, athletism, manly beauty, and enlightenment.
    Sage Elenio -- he who shines like the sun -- ee-len-ee-oh
    Sage Eleodoro -- he who comes from the sun -- ee-leo-door-oh
    Sage Heliodoro -- gift of the sun -- he-lee-oh-door-oh
    Sage Helios -- titan of the Sun and guardian of oaths
    Sage Ravi -- sun
    Sage Samson -- sun child
    Sage Sargon -- sun prince
    Sage Sulien -- sun born
    Sage Sulwyn -- white sun

    Gold names:

    Sage Alamar -- coated in gold
    Sage Ardit -- golden day
    Sage Armend -- golden mind
    Sage Ofir -- gold

    Light names:

    Sage Dritan -- light
    Sage Kiran -- ray of light
    Sage Leor -- I have light
    Sage Lesedi -- light
    Sage Lucentio -- light
    Sage Lucero -- luminous
    Sage Lucius -- born at daybreak
    Sage Valo -- man of light -- My Amazon Author Page

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