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    Cool Needed: Middle name for Sage!

    I am expecting our first, a boy, at the end of September. We both loved the name Sage even before we got pregnant, so picking the first name was the easy part!

    We are planning to go with two middle names. The second one is a family name, starting with a Ch. The baby's last name starts with a W. Both of them are two-syllable, emphasis on the first syllable. Both names contain hard consonants (Ch, p, t, b, k) and not too many soft ones - there's one l in there, but no n or m, for example.

    So now we are looking to find a good first middle name that goes well with Sage. The main issue I'm running into is that it seems hard to find a name that doesn't clash in sound with Sage's hard ending. I like soft, ethereal names that don't sound too masculine and if they are obscure, that's totally fine with me (although it's not a requirement). I'd like to find a mn that ideally has some soft sounds like l, m, n to complement the hard consonants in the rest of the name. Names starting with a vowel seem to flow well with Sage as a fn, but it's not a requirement. I think Sage (with the rest of the names) sounds best when paired with a 3- or 4-syllable first mn.

    We like Elijah or Elias and I think they work, but I'd like to find something a bit more unique than that. Right now they're on our list of "safe choices".

    The solstices are an important date / event for my fiancé and me, so I've been trying to find a mn that might reflect that - with not much success so far. I've been looking for names possibly starting with Sol-. do you think those would flow with Sage? My tongue stumbles a bit when trying it out.

    I'd appreciate lots and lots of ideas, since I'm now going in circles! Feel free to throw anything my way - words, foreign language, invented names.. extra points for names with a beautiful meaning!


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    Sage Alexios
    Sage Odysseus (could represent the odyssey of the Earth around the sun...or is that a stretch?)
    Sage Ulysses
    Sage Avery

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    rkrd, thanks for these!

    I do like mythological names too and have been looking around among Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Nordic gods.. but I've only done a superficial search so far, so I might have missed some good candidates!

    Avery works very well, alas, it might be a bit too popular for me right now. I was also thinking of Averil.. but I think that one means "boar battle" if I remember right! :P

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    Because Sage is such a unisex name, I would definitely go with a 100% boy middle.

    Sage Harvey
    Sage Alden
    Sage Antony
    Sage Beckett
    Sage Atticus
    Sage Dalton
    Sage Dawson
    Sage Demitri
    Sage Ezekiel
    Sage Harrison
    Sage Aberdeen
    Sage Abraham
    Sage Azariah
    Sage Boaz (Although both names are short, I love the sound of this combo!)
    Sage Reuben
    Sage Phineas

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    First combo that came to mind is Sage Orlando which I think is very cool.

    Sage Lysander
    Sage Aurelian
    Sage Montgomery
    Sage Ivanhoe
    Sage Tristan
    Sage Evan
    Sage Matthias
    Sage Morrow
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