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    I was walking 2 km to school, through a residential neighborhood at age 5. There were lots of kids, two crossing guards at the busier streets and no real traffic or sketchy neighborhoods. I'm from a small place and it seemed and seems now, to be normal.

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    I think this is something that was extremely common in the past, but almost unthinkable now. I know my mom and dad were allowed to walk themselves to school as soon as they were old enough to go to school. My dad and his siblings played alone in the woods behind their house. My MIL tells a story about how her mom sent her to the store alone to buy bread with the money pinned on her jacket when she was like 3 years old. And they lived in the Bronx! But that's just the way it was. People weren't paranoid about their kids getting kidnapped. They thought it was important to teach them independence. Now, we worry and hover. I'm not saying I'm any different, though. The elementary school isn't far from our house and there aren't any major streets to cross, but I still don't think I would let my daughter walk alone. Like, ever. Not because I want to coddle her. Not because I wouldn't trust her. I'm just scared and feel like there is safety in numbers. I could imagine letting her walk with friends without an adult at that age, depending on how trustworthy I felt she and her friends were I guess. But, nope, never alone.
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    I was probably 8 when I first started walking home from the bus stop. However, it was less than half a mile on an empty country road where you could hear the occasional car coming from a mile away. I'd be comfortable with a fairly young child taking that walk alone.

    I'm 20 and I would probably avoid crossing that road if I could!
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    theres no real reason a kid needs to be allowed to walk to school in the first place at any age, i'll make whatever sacrifices i have to in order to drive them myself.

    convenience isnt a reason to chance your childs life.

    the only time id consider it is probably when they were in high school or old enough to drive and we didnt have a car for them. ideally there would be kids in the neighborhood they'd walk with and it wouldnt be far. i knew kids that still biked miles to school during morning traffic and it seemed ridiculous that one it took them so long and two that they basically had to take bird baths once they got there so they werent sweaty & stinky all day.

    unless you want to be that parent that looks confused on the evening news asking 'how could this happen?' when your kid is hit by a car or abducted, why take the chance?

    or even confused when the principal calls saying your kid skipped class.

    sadly 'knowing' your neighbor doesnt mean much - lots of people new Ariel Castro. living in a 'good neighborhood', teaching your kid 'better' than skipping school, all dont matter - other peoples choices are out of our control...but whether your kid walks to school alone is completely up to you.

    trusting your kid has nothing to do with it. of course id trust them to walk a mile alone. but the rest of the world when every night some kid has been abused or killed?

    im not particularly paranoid or worried about such things for my future children, it just seems theres only one choice.
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    Some of these responses are a bit dramatic. Considerably more children per year are killed in automobile accidents than by murderers. A child is way more likely to be injured or killed while you're driving them to school than abducted and murdered. Obviously your neighbourhood, traffic conditions, etc., are factors not to be taken lightly, but it's a bit much to assume that walking to school will lead to being abducted.
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