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    What age will your child be aloud to walk to school ALONE?

    I'm not a mom/mom-to-be and i also dont want this to sound judging but i was quite shocker. The readon im posting this is because i dont know if im over-reacting or not.

    Today I saw a boy walking home from school alone. I know him very well he is a close family friend, Iv knew him since he was a baby. Anyway, today when I was walking home, I saw him and I stopped to say hi. I looked around to see if I could see his mum I asked him where his mum was. He said in the house, I was a little confused but didnt say anything. He said bye and off he went, I shouted after him and said does he want me to walk him home he shouted no then ran away.

    I felt guilty for letting him run home alone but then I thought WHY is he aloud to go home by himself.

    Ok this shocked my because the boy is seven. And to get home he needs to cross a extremely busy road. Cars come from five different directions and after that its a five min walk to his house, with a less busy road.

    Am I over-reacting? Is 7 old enough to walk home from school? What age do or will your children walk to school?

    I was 11 when I went to school myself, I did have to get on the bus but one stop later my cousin would get on. And we would you let you child do this?
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    I am not a mother but I know I never walked home at the age. My parents would either pick me up or walk home with me. I think 7 is a little young especially in a dangerous street like the one you described. I think middle school would be a good time to allow kids to walk home by their self.
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    I personally think that is really, really young to be walking anywhere by yourself especially with such a busy road. I'm not a mom or anything yet either, but I do have younger siblings and I'm an aunt. Us kids weren't allowed to walk alone in the store until we were around 13 or so, let alone cross the road. Was my mom overprotective? Some may say that and can say that if they wish. However, my stepdad is a cop, and he worked so many missing children cases or any case involving children, so he knew the dangers and they acted accordingly. My kids won't be walking alone to school. Ever. If we live close enough for me to drive them, then that's what we will do. Otherwise if they can walk, it will be with other people at least one older teen, or myself/husband.

    It's not worth the risk. Look at cases such as Etan Patz? The first day he was allowed to walk to school by himself, he disappeared and was killed. Plenty of kids take the subway or walk alone and nothing happens, but i wouldn't want to take that chance.
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    I walked to and from school alone at 6. Then again, my school was a block from our house and we knew all the neighbours. (If you walked out the door to the corner, you could see the school.) Almost all the kids in our neighbourhood did the same. I don't have kids yet, but for my own children, it would depend on how far the school is. Our closest school at present is probably a 20 minute walk, so I wouldn't let a child walk that far until s/he was a bit older and more mature.
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    Thanks for the feed back!
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