View Poll Results: What first & middle name combination do you prefer?

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  • Poppy Bohemia

    13 26.00%
  • Adeline Bohemia

    21 42.00%
  • Adeleine Bohemia

    7 14.00%
  • Poppy Elizabeth

    23 46.00%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    What about Poppy Boheme? I like that, and it seems close enough to honor your grandmother, especially since the meaning is essentially the same. Or Adeline Boheme, although I think there are a lot of little Addy's running around (Addison, Adeline, Adele, etc...), so I am partial to Poppy! Plus, there is nothing more gorgeous than wild Poppies!!!

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    I really love Bohemia. I entertained it as a middle myself, but with our last name starting with a J the initials couldn't be ignored. Anyway, I like Poppy Bohemia, Poppy Boheme, Adeline Bohemia and even Bohemia Poppy. I wouldn't rule it out as a first name. I agree with the pp who said there are a lot of little Addy's running around - but no Bohemia's and very few Poppy's. (please vote!)

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    I am really loving Adeline Bohemia/Adeline Poppy Bohemia. Bohemia is a beautiful name, and goes great in the middle. I like Poppy Elizabeth too, but Bohemia is just too good of a name to pass up. Plus, Adeline Bohemia and Poppy Elizabeth would be great sisters!

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