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  • Poppy Bohemia

    13 26.00%
  • Adeline Bohemia

    21 42.00%
  • Adeleine Bohemia

    7 14.00%
  • Poppy Elizabeth

    23 46.00%
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    Tough Middle Name- Help Needed

    My grandmother was very dear to me and I would love to honor her by including her name as a middle name to our first daughter we are expecting in December. However, it's a difficult middle name. Her name was Bohemia. We really like the names Adeleine (ad-uh-lihn), Adeline (ad-uh-line) and Poppy, however we don't want her name to sound too hippy-ish. Poppy had meaning to us as we were in Italy purchasing a street painting from an artist of a Poppy when we decided we wanted to have children. The other two we just really like. Thoughts? (FYI- our last name is one syllable if that helps) The other option is to find a different way of honoring my grandmother and go with a different middle name.

    Poppy Bohemia
    Adeline Bohemia
    Adeleine Bohemia
    Poppy Elizabeth (Elizabeth is my sister's middle name, she named her first daughter's middle name after mine)

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    Bohemia is unusual. It was a place name in Eastern Europe (Czech Republic). I think Adeline Bohemia would be your best option. I don't like the Bo-Po of Poppy Bohemia but I guess you could always go for two mn's if Poppy has significance: Adeline Poppy Bohemia.
    All the best,

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    I agree that Adeline Bohemia has the best flow!

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    Is using Bohemia as a first name out? I vote for Poppy Bohemia or Bohemia Poppy since these have meaning to you. Generally I find it harder to start out with the mn and try to find a fn that way.. The fn will be used most of all so you should really be on board with that one. Which is why I wondered whether Bohemia could be a fn option!

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    I want to love Poppy because it is such a lovely story and it has significance for you, but I think that Poppy paired with Bohemia is just a little too... well, bohemian/hippie. Would you consider using Poppy for a nickname? I know Poppy has been used as a nn for Penelope, or maybe Paloma or Philippa. Or perhaps you could use a flower name you like.

    Of the other names you selected, Adeline Bohemia has a nice flow and I do like a pp suggestion of using two middles so you can have Adeline Bohemia Poppy or Adeline Poppy Bohemia.

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