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    Need girl name inspiration!

    I'm now 14 weeks along with Baby #2 and just have had no motivation to pick out a girl name. I try to look at names and just can't find anything I love and can picture naming my child. I would love another little girl, but I feel like she would be nameless! Our daughter is Ellison Katea. If this baby is a boy, we are pretty set on the name Kellen James. The only girl name both of us like is Anneliese, but I don't think either of us is REALLY in love with it like we were with Ellison's name. Also not sure if I like the sound of those two names together (Ellison and Anneliese). Hubby isn't really into names, he really only comments when I come up with something. And usually he hates them. I just need some beautiful, unique (but not too crazy!) names to throw at him!!! Nothing near the top of the charts. He hates names that sound made up (I loved Everly, he said it sounded like it belonged on a teen TV show, my first choice for this baby if it's a girl was Kallahan, he absolutely vetoed that one). I don't think I could get him to make a list of his favorites, and I have a feeling if he did I wouldn't like any of them (he has only mentioned two names that I can think of - Addison and Lily). HELP me, ladies! I would love to have something to call this baby if we end up finding out next month that it's another girl!!!

    Sidenote, we do both like Emilia as a middle name, but are not totally set on it! Don't think we would use it as a first name though, I don't want to feel committed to using all E names if we have a third baby someday!

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    Since you like Everly, what about Ainsley, Delaney, Flannery, or Ivory.

    Since you like Kallahan, what about Cassidy, Cameron, Carrigan, Kimberly, or Kendra,.

    Since you like Anneleise, what about Annabelle, or Annette.
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