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    1) I don't associate it with psycho, but I do associate it with mental health and illness. Mental illness doesn't mean psycho, but using a name such as Psyche might become troublesome. I think psyche is a beautiful name, a beautiful word and to me it's about strength and weirdly fragility at the same time.

    2) If I met a little Psyche I think I'd think it was quite cool, but also strange. I think it's better suited as a middle.

    3) Gorgeously weird.
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    I'm sorry but I have never heard of this as a name. How is it pronounced b/c to me I am pronouncing it like the word as in related to psychology, mental health, etc. I cannot fathom someone naming a child this..I mean kids would 100% tease and call psycho, psychotic's just too out there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    I think Psyche would be better in the middle spot due to the teasing potential.The name is too similar to a lot of words regarding one's mental health (psycho, psychotic, psychopath etc...). I think it would make a quirky mn.
    I agree with Mischa.
    Like you I've always loved the myth and the character but I think it would be an incredibly difficult name to wear and most people won't connect it to the myth but to Psycho, Psychology, and Psychiatry, etc. If I think my SO would let me get away with it I'd suggest it as a mn for future kiddo's but he already thought I was weird when I was reading the myth to him.
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    Psyche is way too out there to be used as a name IMO. It makes me think of psychiatry & delving into a person's psyche rather than the Greek myth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bellerose View Post
    Hi, berries!!! I have one more question for you about a favorite of mine. The name is Psyche. I have always adore it, I love the myth and the meaning is just lovely. I would use it in a heartbeat but i'am worried about people's reaction.

    Do you think that if I named my daughter Psyche they will automatically associated with Psycho??

    How would you react if you meet a girl named Psyche?

    It's a gorgeous name or just weird??

    Thanks in advance :-)
    I have an unpopular opinion on this website, I feel partly it's because I am actually trying to name a child. I feel very strongly that names that are easily teased are a very bad idea. Psyche is going to be teased, there is simply no question about it. I also get tired of people claiming that any name can/will be teased and that's just ow kids are. I would no more name my child Psyche, Luna, or Ophelia than I would paint a red x on their foreheads to make them in to targets. Our personal sentiments about beautiful names need to have some boundaries. These are beautiful names that are best left for middles, I am sorry to say. Also keep in mind that a lot of people on this forum giving the green light on names like this are people who don't have kids and are not even close to having kids. There is some great input here for finding a name but at the end of the day if my child came home crying because I named them something like Psyche it will be my own fault. I embrace odd and unique names and named my son something extremely unusual, but I made sure it was not an obvious reference to something negative.

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