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    @ esswei that's my first thought too. I actually kind of like the name Psyche (john William Waterhouse has beautiful paintings about that myth). However I think it would work better has a middle name.
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    For real???!!! Can you imagine going through life with this name? I met a baby boy with this name once and everyone was appalled. Almost in tears that a child would have to wear that name for life. Yes it is Psyco of Psyche.

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    Umm.. not my style.. and i liek the unusual.. perhaps for a middle??
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    You know, this is a guilty-pleasure of mine that I've loved for quite a while : ) It has such an alluring sound and if you've ever seen W. A. Bouguereau's paintings you would love it even more. I wouldn't mind teasing potential either, but only because I plan to homeschool and siblings and friends take weird names for granted : ) The only reason I can't use it is because it's the polar-opposite of a saints name : ( Que sera sera.

    #1 - To non-name lovers or Greek mythology experts, yes.

    #2 - I would be ecstatic! To the fullest degree : )

    #3 - Gorgeous but quirky.
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    Do you think that if I named my daughter Psyche they will automatically associated with Psycho?? In the US, yes. I can only speak from my own experience, but most people don't have a background in greek mythology. Classics are not required here.

    How would you react if you meet a girl named Psyche? First I'd ask who it was spelled because Psyche and Sykee (or something similarly kree8tiv) are NOT the same. Then I'd be curious about the story behind the name (such a boldly unusual name that practically invites ridicule makes me question what would motivate risking a childhood of teasing)

    It's a gorgeous name or just weird?? Both, but I lean more toward weird. That said, definitely lovely for a middle.

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