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    Psyche... too Psycho??

    Hi, berries!!! I have one more question for you about a favorite of mine. The name is Psyche. I have always adore it, I love the myth and the meaning is just lovely. I would use it in a heartbeat but i'am worried about people's reaction.

    Do you think that if I named my daughter Psyche they will automatically associated with Psycho??

    How would you react if you meet a girl named Psyche?

    It's a gorgeous name or just weird??

    Thanks in advance :-)

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    I'd DEFINITELY relate this to Psycho! Maybe it's because I'm a teenager, but I would definitely feel sorry for a little girl named Psyche, due to the open target her parents bestowed upon her for bullies to take shots at. To me, Psyche would be as bad as Regina (pronounced the Canadian way, so it's basically vagina with an R). It may have worked 100 years ago or so, but I don't think any child could pull it off now! Perhaps a name with the same/a similar meaning would be best.

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    My initial reaction the first time I heard it (at college) was "oh dear", like Alannah said above. But if you love the myth, I reckon people will get used to it, especially as a middle.

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    I think Psyche would be better in the middle spot due to the teasing potential.The name is too similar to a lot of words regarding one's mental health (psycho, psychotic, psychopath etc...). I think it would make a quirky mn.
    All the best,

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    To me it makes me think of what you say when you trick someone. You know, like when you hold out your hand for someone to high five and then you pull it away. . . "Psyche!" I know the name isn't pronounced the same, but that's my first association.

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